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Sunday Lunch - Beef Porridge Fail

I have recently become a little obsessed with the Hunger Games series of books, for those not in the know it is a tale of a couple of teenagers in a sort of alternate-reality/ post apocalyptic society. I am rubbish at summarizing things but I promise you it is a compelling series, worth a read. (I have not finished book 3 yet so please no spoilers in the comments, or I will cry)

As a food obsessed blogger I took particular interest in the food described in the book, a lot of game, bread, grains, wacky flavour combinations. They eat a lot of stews with grains and rice, one of the most interesting is the lamb and plum stew on a wild rice, or the chicken and oranges in cream sauce on rice with flower shaped rolls and peas with tiny onions.

After the success of my Harry Potter Butterbeer cake I decided to try and make something from the Hunger Games books too! I was planning on maybe a nice bread, cake or cookie but I accidentally made this hideous stew...

This particular recipe was completely unintentional, I didn't set out the create a Hunger Games style concoction but alas I this is what I ended up with. This "stew" is sort of a cross between the tasteless gruel they eat in district 13 and a Greasy Sae invention which may or may not contain entrails.

Lets just say my experiment with pearl barley was not a good one, I prepared my usual beef stew in the slow cooker and decided to try and bulk it up with some barley, I had seen a few similar recipes about so I tipped a cup into the mix and turned it on...

8 hours later I had what can be best described as a beef porridge, the barley had soaked up all the moisture and left a sticky mess. In hindsight I probably should of added the barley at the end for an hour or so. Lesson learned.

On the plus side the boyfriend actually liked it and ate it all! Weird boy that he is.

I was planning on doing something with lentils in the slow cooker next, but this had scared me a little, any advice?