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Meal Planning Monday - 6/02/12

I was super duper organised this week and planned my meals and submitted my online shopping delivery order to be delivered on Sunday Morning. This weeks meals actually started on Sunday as the leftover roast dinner appears in Mondays menu.

Lunches will consist of sandwiches for the boyfriend and porridge and fruit for me. As always I am cooking for two.

Full roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings

Roast chicken and leek pie with root veg mash.

Working late and busy night so a "sort-yourself-out" night.
Normally sandwiches/ soup or ready meals.

Quorn bolognese with liguine and garlic bread

Tuna jacket potatoes, I do these by scooping out potato, mixing with tuna and a bit of grated cheddar and oven baking.

Pork Chops with roast potatoes and veg.

Weekend Baking
Gingerbread and flapjacks for lunchboxes.

All of this weeks groceries, including all ingredients for above, (I already have some things in the cupboard, such as pasta and tuna) cat food and lunches came to a total of £ 36.89 (with £5.00 for delivery)

I am quite chuffed with the low cost of this weeks shopping. Although next week I might try buying my fruit and veg and meat from Grainger Market and see how much I can save.

How much do you spend in a week on food shopping?