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Meal Planning Monday - 20/02/12

Another week, another meal plan.
I have been slightly less organized this week and done my weekly online shop without a formal meal plan in place.
I have noticed since I started this process it is alot easier to plan 5 evening meals and have the ingredients but not set precise days to make them. As inevitably I get in on a evening and we change our minds or fancy something else.

Last week we stuck to 3 out of the five days but on different days, then we had a couple of sort-yourself-out nights which worked out well if I am honest. I like the concept of meal planning but I am learning that flexibility is the best approach in my house.

So here is this weeks flexible meal plan;

Monday: Beef and Pearl Barley Stew with homemade bread
Tuesday: Sort Yourself Out Night
Wednesday: Chicken Kievs with boiled potatoes
Thursday: Beef Chilli & Brown Rice
Friday: Lasagne and garlic bread

Can you tell that beef mince was on special in Tesco this week?
The good thing about all of the meals this week is that there is always lots of leftovers to take for lunches the next day.

So the weekly shop this week came to £50.17 which is more than the £40 I had hoped but I did have to stock up on cat food, cat litter and a few basics like cling film and foil etc...

Considering we didn't shop at all last week I am taking this as a victory!