Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The French Oven Macarons.

This week on twitter I heard some rather exciting news, well at least I find it exciting. The French Oven in Grainger Market have started selling Macarons!
I have been looking for some in and around Newcastle for a while, and was delighted to hear that they were finally being sold somewhere!

Before watching The Great British Bake Off I had never actually heard of these little almond beauties. hangs head in shame
I did try making them myself not too long ago with some minor success but as I had never tried them before I had no idea if the ones I made were a patch on the real thing.

The French Oven in Grainger Market are selling 8 different flavours at £1 each or 8 for £6. I bought a box of 8 with one of each flavour. I have to try them all to give an honest review right?

The Flavours are; Chocolate Ganache, Pineapple Swirl, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Orange, Lavender & Blueberry, Mint Chocolate, Black Forrest Gateaux and Salted Caramel...

They came in a lovely (if a little big) box filled with turquoise tissue paper. The first thing you notice of course is the wonderful colours, they are almost too pretty to eat... Almost.

The Salted Caramel was the first one I tried as I do love this combination generally. The main flavour is obviously almond but the filling has a lovely rich salty caramel aftertaste. The macaron itself is delightful, light and crisp on the outside but soft and chewy in the mouth.

My favourite flavour was the Black Forrest Gateaux, it was a lovely deep pinky purple colour, with a gooey jam centre with what tasted like real cherry pieces! Absolutely amazing!

The lavender and blueberry was a close second, do fragrant and delicate.

I think these little darlings would make a lovely treat or gift for someone, although at a pound each (they are quite small) they are a little pricey for a regular purchase but I would love to buy a box for a friend or an occasion. I would suggest getting boxes that hold 8 macarons rather than the huge box I got, as they did get battered about within the box and crack a little.

So, if you live in the North East, get yourself down the the French Oven to sample their delights!


  1. Ooh what great news! You can get boxes of macarons in Waitrose, but these will be nicer as they are local :)

  2. You cant beat Freshly baked macarons, new types coming on Fri including popcorn, penut butter and jelly :) Price will drop on them too as we were making these with individual bags of almonds but as they are going well we are ordering in bigger bags ... Watch this space and look out for our heart shaped ones for Valentines and bags of minatures :)

  3. £1 each - I was going to say BARGAIN. But then I am in stupid London. I've only ever bought macarons once as a special treat for recieving our redundancy!

    I might need to hop a train to sample these myself, they look beautiful and your descriptions have got me dribbling.

    1. Ummm YES! Just hop on a train for 4 hours and we can eat macarons! DO IT!

  4. hello!! yes I spotted this on twitter this week too and I'm planning a visit asap! there was an amazing macaroon shop in covent garden where I spotted bejewelled golden boxes that you could buy for a mere £12 to pop your macaroons in. I was oh so tempted.My mam bought me a wonderful box of macaroons from bettys in York last year :) gorgeous!! ps. I made it to primrose bakeryat the weekend and I reckon the assistants read your blog as they were falling over themselves to explain the flavours available ;) good stuff! maybe their manager had a word! x


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