Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cladestine Cake Club - February 2012

Last night was the February meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club in Newcastle. The theme of this month was "If you were a cake, what would you be". Needless to say there was some nutty, boozy and sparkly cakes on display, which probably says a lot about the people who attend; they are awesome!

This is the third CCC I have been to and each month I think it can't possibly get better and then it does, the cakes on display were varied and delicious and has left me with so much inspiration for my own baking. I love that there are so many like-minded baking fans in my city. The Newcastle Cake Club is so popular that there is a waiting list of people desperate to come along, there is actually talk of a second club starting to meet the demand of hungry cake fans.

Here are some of my favourite cakes of the night;

I didn't bake this month as my guest from last month wanted to share her wonderful Pecan and Pineapple Herman Friendship Cake. I am very excited for next month though and am already planning my recipe. Although I always worry about my larger cakes as I hardly ever bake them. I am much more of a cupcake girl (as you know). Maybe someone could start a cupcake club? I would be there with bells on!

The venue for this months Cake Club was the Chalk and Paper Cafe on Nelson Street. I'd never visited before even though it was in a prominent location, they kindly stayed open late for us and the interior was beautiful with some lovely comfy seats. The coffee and tea was a little pricey for me which was disappointing as I usually like to wash my cake down with a gallon or two of tea, but I settled for just the one cup (£2.40) and made up for it when I got home.

I have a sneaky suspicion of where next months meeting will be and am VERY excited! My lips are sealed.

Lynn and some of the other CCC members will be on the One Show tomorrow! Can't wait to see what they got up to. Tune in at 7pm on BBC one to find out more.

A lovely lady from Sky Tyne and Wear was at last nights CCC and here is the story (with video)


  1. Great to hear CCC going from strength to strength and being on The One Show is quite a coup. I wonder if there's one near me?

  2. These all look so gorgeous - a cake filled evening is perfect after a long day. Will have to check out the Cardiff club. :-)

    1. You should! As an added bonus I think David from runs the Cardiff one and he is lovely!

  3. A clandestine cupcake club? Hmmmm, now there's a thought!

  4. I am excited to be the first person in France to hold a CCC in March! And if this is anything to go by, I need to start a diet now! Wonderful cakes!


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