Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blog Camp 2012 - Introduction

I am very very excited to be attending Blog Camp 2012 in April. It is in Birmingham and it will be the first "blog" event I have been to. I am very excited to meet some of the people behind the blogs I love. So here is a little intro about me and my blog for fellow Blog Camp attendees;

Name: Nelly

Blog: Nelly’s Cupcakes: caking, baking and making in the north east of England. Pies to puddings, bread to brownies and everything in between.

Twitter: @nellyscupcakes

My Blog’s About: Baking, cooking, learning, sharing, loving all things kitchen-based.

Likes: Baking, Craftyness, Talking too much, eating too much, blogging, writing, social media and generally being a bit of a geek.

Dislikes: Rudeness, bad manners, scripted reality shows and all things mathematical.

To see who else is going click here.


  1. Hi Nelly,
    I love you name ! Look forward to meeting you, I always envy people who enjoy cooking (I hate it) but don't let that put you off me.

    See you there xx

  2. HELLO! Just realised you had done this too when I saw the widget thingy on Blog Camp! Hehehehe! See you on the train!

  3. I'm going too, look forward to meeting you!

    1. Awesome! Very much looking forward to meeting you, love your blog. x

  4. Hi Nelly - looking forward to meeting you in April. I went to the one in Bristol last year and had a fab time, so I'm sure we all will when we get to Brum!

  5. Hi Nelly, looking forward to meeting you in April. x

  6. Hi there! Look forward to seeing you there!

    This is my meet and greet:



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