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Stem Ginger and Cinnamon Teacakes

Ever since Ruth over at The Pink Whisk posted a picture of her homemade buttered teacake on twitter a few weeks back I have been desperate for one. I mean seriously, you cannot think about a nice hot buttered teacake without getting serious cravings!

I remember when I was at college the corner shop across the street used to sell teacakes for 50p. They put them in one of those paper bags with the plastic front so by the time you got back to the college building it used to be a bit on the soggy side, which in my opinion made it even better! Pure, unadulterated, melted buttery goodness. Needless to say most days included a little trip to the shop for elevenses...

Meal Planning Monday - 27/02/12

Last weeks meal plan was a complete and utter failure! We ended up being very busy most nights, visiting friends, eating cake and just didn't do much cooking at all. The night I did cook was a complete failure of porridge-y proportions!
I am not ashamed to admit that the culinary disaster may have put me off cooking for a few days.

The upside to a week like that of course is that I still have a freezer full of food! I have also come up with some frugal ways to make the most of my food shop, so I thought I would share...

Sunday Lunch - Beef Porridge Fail

I have recently become a little obsessed with the Hunger Games series of books, for those not in the know it is a tale of a couple of teenagers in a sort of alternate-reality/ post apocalyptic society. I am rubbish at summarizing things but I promise you it is a compelling series, worth a read. (I have not finished book 3 yet so please no spoilers in the comments, or I will cry)

As a food obsessed blogger I took particular interest in the food described in the book, a lot of game, bread, grains, wacky flavour combinations. They eat a lot of stews with grains and rice, one of the most interesting is the lamb and plum stew on a wild rice, or the chicken and oranges in cream sauce on rice with flower shaped rolls and peas with tiny onions.

After the success of my Harry Potter Butterbeer cake I decided to try and make something from the Hunger Games books too! I was planning on maybe a nice bread, cake or cookie but I accidentally made this hideous stew...

You're a Star Cupcakes with Just Bake

If the name of my blog didn't give it away I am a bit of a cupcake obsessive, they really are the king of all baked goods and I just love baking and decorating these little beauties! I have a three tier wire veggie rack in my kitchen dedicated solely to various cake/bake related paraphernalia …

Pancake day: Reese's Pieces Buttermilk Pancakes

I adore pancakes, there I said it. I love the classic thin crepe-y ones swimming in lemon and sugar, the fluffy American ones drowning in maple syrup with a side of bacon. I could live on pancakes alone and be a very happy (slightly malnourished) bunny.

I made these pancakes over the weekend as a special treat for myself, I had a frankly awful week last week which ended in me having a snotty splutter-y panic attack in Fenwicks and feeling rather sorry for myself (a story for another time perhaps) so i needed a little sugary pick me up to get me back to my usual happy self.

I don't make pancakes as often as I would like but I am the only person in my house who likes them so it often seems wasteful to make a large amount. I sometimes save leftover yorkshire pudding batter for a cheeky pancake or two...

Meal Planning Monday - 20/02/12

Another week, another meal plan.
I have been slightly less organized this week and done my weekly online shop without a formal meal plan in place.
I have noticed since I started this process it is alot easier to plan 5 evening meals and have the ingredients but not set precise days to make them. …

Sunday Lunch - Slow Cooked Beef Stew

I don't want to jinx anything but I think I can see spring peeping its head up over the horizon! Anyone else see it?

I wake up in the mornings and it is that little bit brighter, it is still light when I leave work in the evening. The air has that freshness to it that heralds the start of a new season. I love this time of year, everything starts to change and the dreariness of winter is almost behind us.

I am struggling with food though, it is still cold so I want something hearty and warm, but I've had enough of all the heavy stodgy food of winter. It is always this time of year when I try to start eating a little healthier, a little lighter, I want to come out of hibernation and feel as fresh as the spring air.

As I have said before, I am not much of a savoury cook, my repertoire is limited at best and my specialty is definitely stodgy home cooking. I feel like it has been winter for so long that I have forgotten how to cook anything other than meat, potatoes, yorkshires, pastry...

Harry Potter Butterbeer Cake

Wednesday was my second outing to the now famous Clandestine Cake Club! The theme this month was "Inspired by the Silver Screen". There were loads of fabulously delicious creations on show from pistachio and rosewater (Passage to India) to strawberry daiquiri (cocktail).

The theme was a real head scratcher for me and I spent a good few days tying to think of the perfect cake.
I started off trying to think of films about cake or with cake in them, which was a bit of a fruitless task and a little unimaginative (layer cake had been taken).

I then decided to just pick a favourite film of mine and develop a recipe from it. So, I compiled a small list of my all time favourites mainly consisting of far too many musicals, a couple of oldies but goodies, a vast selection of coming of age 80s teen movies and pretty much all the Harry Potter films (except the second one which frankly isn't worth mentioning).

I wanted to focus on flavour rather than decoration and it was much harder than I thought trying to make something un-food related into cake-form. I mean how I am suppose to know what Clark Gable's mustache tasted like?

Daisy Cupcakes

I had a very busy cake-filled weekend, I was asked to make 24 cupcakes for my cousin's Christening on Sunday. I am always happy to make cupcakes for people and love nothing more than seeing people enjoy my creations.

The order was for 12 chocolate and 12 lemon cupcakes.

I used the hummingbird chocolate cupcake recipe from Cakedays, I am not a huge chocolate cake lover so don't make it too often so didn't deviate from the recipe at all. Tehy were actually really nice! I usually find chocolate cake dry and unappealing but these were moist and very chocolatey! They were a huge hit with the kids at the party! The buttercream on top was just a simple butter, cocoa powder, icing sugar combo. I never really measure buttercream I just keep adding sugar until I get the right consistency...

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely readers, as I had no posts scheduled for today I decided to just wish you a delicious, chocolate filled day and also say a great big thank you for reading my blog.

I have no exciting rock and roll plans for today, just a quiet one with a few glasses of somet…

Meal Planning Monday - 13/02/12

I have submitted my post to the linky over at Mrs M's Blog

Last week didn't quite go to plan. The roast dinner ended up being on Monday night as we had friends over on Sunday and had Fish and Chips instead.
So the Chicken and Leek pie got pushed to Thursday and we had a few sort yourself ou…

Sunday Lunch - Chicken and Leek Pie

May not win any beauty contests but was absolutely delicious!

This weeks Sunday lunch is a bit of a cheat as we didn't actually eat it on Sunday, but why mess with a nice little blog routine eh? This Sunday we had some friends over to watch a sporting event so opted for Fish and Chips from the shop around the corner. Lazy but delicious!

I seem to be on a bit of a pie kick right now, I think it is the wintery weather that has sent me spiraling into a warm blanket of pastry. It really is the ultimate comfort food. Although for the sake of my waistline I shall have to stop making it so often!

I seem to be posting my shortcrust pastry recipe a lot on the blog so I won't post it again, simply head over to last weeks pie recipe to check it out...

A lovely surprise in the post...

When I got home from work last night I found the cutest little blue envelope on my doormat, I didn't have a clue who it could be from, as my Birthday is ages away and I wasn't expecting anything in particular.
To my absolute delight it was from the Baking Mad team who I worked with filming…

Valentines Shortbread Biscuits

Valentines day is nearly upon us once more, people often have mixed feeling about Valentines. I personally feel it is a bit of a Hallmark holiday, and in my house it doesn't tend to be marked with any enthusiasm; a card and a nice meal in the house is plenty. Also our anniversary is on the 10th of March so we tend to save our pennies to do something then.

Like a lot of people money is a little tight at the moment so what says I love you more than a homemade gift? And me being me it had to be baked!

These delectable little shortbread biscuits are a real favourite in my house so I decided to put a valentine spin on it...

Meal Planning Monday - 6/02/12

I was super duper organised this week and planned my meals and submitted my online shopping delivery order to be delivered on Sunday Morning. This weeks meals actually started on Sunday as the leftover roast dinner appears in Mondays menu.

Lunches will consist of sandwiches for the boyfriend and p…

Sunday Lunch - Leftover Stew Pie.

This week saw me launch my frugal meal planning mission in a vain attempt to save some pennies and be more organised with evening meals. Ever since Christmas I have been all over the place in terms of cooking and getting myself organised after work. I suppose it makes sense that after a leisurely couple of weeks in a nice warm house with heaps of time to plan and cook nice things, getting in at 6pm after a full day at work and slaving away in the kitchen is less than appealing.

On the flip-side though, if I haven't planned something we inevitably end up grumpy, hungry and heading for the chip shop; which is bad for both the wallet and the waistline.

So, for this weeks Sunday Lunch I decided to embrace the frugality and make a leftover pie. I made a HUGE batch of pastry and split it into three, freezing two for future pies. Call me Queen of all thing frugal!

Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

On Sunday I decided to make a pie for our Sunday Lunch (post to come next Sunday). I also wanted to make something yummy for dessert as a treat. I use egg yolks in my pastry so had a few spare egg whites knocking about that needed to be used up... It didn't take me too long to decide to whip up some little lemon meringue pies!

Lemon Meringue Pie was actually the first ever post on this here blog! although I do like to think my skills have improved since then...