Thursday, 19 January 2012

What is in my Fridge?

Inspired by Helen from Casa Costello I decided to do a fun little post showing you the inside of my fridge. They always seem to do it on MTV cribs so here I go;

Considering I had just done a food shop, my fridge is decidedly empty. Although I suppose there are only two of us in the house so its probably alright. It sure beats the two cans of diet coke, 3 bottles of water and a tub of moldy coronation chicken that was in there yesterday! So we have;

  • Muller corner yoghurts - We always have some yoghurts to take to work, these just happened to be on special at Tesco this week.
  • Half finished bottle of diet pepsi (my fridge is so tiny it has to go in diagonal to fit!)
  • Richmond sausages, ready for toad in the hole later.
  • Tupperware dish full of left over quorn pasta
  • Fresh rhubarb so I can make either a tart or a crumble at the weekend.
  • blueberries and creme fraiche - for a low fat recipe I am doing this weekend
  • bottles of evian
  • In the bottom drawer there is some stir fry veggies and some diced turnip to go in a stew later in the week.

  • Now onto the door;

  • Some out of date Onken Yoghurt (must remember to throw that away soon)
  • Mild Cheddar - my other half is afraid of all other cheese.
  • cold butter for pastry purposes.
  • Selection of condiments - Mustard, sweet chilli, mustard mayo, light mayo.
  • The last jar of my homemade rhubarb and ginger jam
  • Diet cranberry juice (for vodka drinking purposes)
  • Milk (for tea drinking purposes)
  • Most of a bottle of gross rose wine I bought at the chip shop on Friday and it is disgusting.

  • So there you have it! A glimpse into my life and my kitchen. What are your kitchen staples?

    Who know, I may do a series and show you my freezer next! Or my (overflowing) baking cupboards! I can tell you are super excited!


    1. Fabulous. So pleased you joined in. Love that you know what everything is going to be used for - I knew yours would be so much tidier than mine! And wine from the chippy?!

      1. Mine may be tidier but nowhere near as full!

        My local chippy sells booze, but you have to buy food. Its hilarious when people pop round and we nip out to get some beer/wine and have to bring a portion of chips back too! lol

    2. Positively empty, mine always seems to be stuffed full (mainly with large blocks of cheese - see my 365 pic from 13th Jan. There are only three of us now, but sometimes I think I still shop for 5!

    3. Ooh I love this post! I always love having a look in people's fridges just to see what they've been buying. I play a little game in the supermarket when I'm waiting to be served where I imagine I'm one of those nutritionists from a magazine, passing judgement on a celebrity's shopping basket, then I like to try to imagine what sort of meals they'll be making with their purchases.. All a bit bizarre, but I've done it for as long as I can remember! x


    All comments are greatly loved;

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