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What is in my Fridge?

Inspired by Helen from Casa Costello I decided to do a fun little post showing you the inside of my fridge. They always seem to do it on MTV cribs so here I go;

Considering I had just done a food shop, my fridge is decidedly empty. Although I suppose there are only two of us in the house so its probably alright. It sure beats the two cans of diet coke, 3 bottles of water and a tub of moldy coronation chicken that was in there yesterday! So we have;

  • Muller corner yoghurts - We always have some yoghurts to take to work, these just happened to be on special at Tesco this week.
  • Half finished bottle of diet pepsi (my fridge is so tiny it has to go in diagonal to fit!)
  • Richmond sausages, ready for toad in the hole later.
  • Tupperware dish full of left over quorn pasta
  • Fresh rhubarb so I can make either a tart or a crumble at the weekend.
  • blueberries and creme fraiche - for a low fat recipe I am doing this weekend
  • bottles of evian
  • In the bottom drawer there is some stir fry veggies and some diced turnip to go in a stew later in the week.

  • Now onto the door;

  • Some out of date Onken Yoghurt (must remember to throw that away soon)
  • Mild Cheddar - my other half is afraid of all other cheese.
  • cold butter for pastry purposes.
  • Selection of condiments - Mustard, sweet chilli, mustard mayo, light mayo.
  • The last jar of my homemade rhubarb and ginger jam
  • Diet cranberry juice (for vodka drinking purposes)
  • Milk (for tea drinking purposes)
  • Most of a bottle of gross rose wine I bought at the chip shop on Friday and it is disgusting.

  • So there you have it! A glimpse into my life and my kitchen. What are your kitchen staples?

    Who know, I may do a series and show you my freezer next! Or my (overflowing) baking cupboards! I can tell you are super excited!