Monday, 23 January 2012

Victory Tea: flying the flag for superior tea. (Giveaway)

I recently discovered a new and local tea company on twitter called Victory Tea. The fact that they are based just down the road from me in Heaton, Newcastle really caught my attention as I love to use local companies if I can, better for the environment and better for the local economy etc...

I clicked onto the Victory Tea website and fell instantly in love, the vintage style of their website and packaging is beautiful and made me really want to try their product! So when I saw that they were offering trial packs I just had to have one.

The packs themselves are so well designed and reflect the strong company brand. I can't bring myself to throw the box away, it is sitting on my kitchen shelf.

Inside the pack there is a very generous sample of teabags (16 in total) in glorious golden bags.

I know I have yet to mention the tea itself yet, but it is simply because I am leaving the best till last. Victory's Blend No. 1 is quite literally THE best tea I have tasted. I am a huge tea drinker and have always just went for the brand that was on special offer at the supermarket. I was by no means a connoisseur, I mean tea is just tea right? wrong!

This tea is a rich and bright golden colour and smells strong and quite fragrant at first. The taste is clean and fresh with a slight sweetness that lifts it. I find with quite a few brands that they can leave a weird aftertaste or have bitter notes but Victory Tea I find, doesn't at all and simply leaves me feeling refreshed and craving a second cup.

Another good thing about Victory Tea is the price, it is only sold online and in bulk (packs of 80, 640, 1600) so they can offer this superior brew for much less than its supermarket rivals.

This tea is so refreshing and has completely converted me. I have even converted a few friends and colleagues into switching to Victory. Now I hope to convert you too.

The lovely people at Victory Tea have provided me with 5 sample packs to giveaway to my lovely readers! Each pack contains 16 teabags.

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me how you take your tea. It is as simple as that!

For an additional entry simply tweet " I have entered @nellyscupcakes giveaway to win some delicious @victorytea. "

Make sure you leave a Separate comment below telling me you have done so (including your twitter username)

Lets see how many more Victory Tea converts I can create! Mwah ha ha ha (that was my evil world domination laugh)

I have in no way been paid or received any goods in exchange for this post, all samples I received will be given to readers


  1. No one entering yet? Well, I'll start!
    I take my tea either plain or with milk depending on the flavour. No sugar, ever. :)

  2. I have also tweeted the giveaway, m username is @MyLovelyBites ^^

  3. Hia . I take my tea plain and simple . Just with hot water.. thats when you can taste the true flavours of tea. Not tried the Victoria tea yet . Just bought a shabby sheek tea tray and going to be having a traditional afternoon tea soon .
    Hope u have a good day


    Also entered on Twitter @Chefphil24


  4. I'm mostly an Earl Grey girl when I actually drink tea, mostly a coffee girl but I share my kettle with a tea obsessive.

  5. When not drinking coffee (addicted) I'm an Earl Grey girl BUT I share my kettle with a tea obsessive.

  6. I used to take my tea with milk and a sweetener, now I take it with just water. Especially with a flavoured tea like Chai which is my newest love.

  7. We started a tea club at work- we all club in to buy some Victory tea and it's turned us all into total tea fiends now, as it's lovely and such good value for money, esp with the 20% off in January.

  8. I usually have herbal teas. Normal supermarket teabags come in bleached bags leaving a horrid taste. I long to have a proper refreshing cuppa in the morning

    1. If your comment is annonymous I cannot enter you into the giveaway. Feel free to leave another one.

  9. Can't have normal tea because the super market brands come in bleached bags leaving a funny taste. Longing for proper tea, so I can have a lovely cuppa
    Also entered on twitter @TeacupCupcakes

  10. Ooh sounds lovely! The packaging is great too

    I take my tea strongly made but then with lots of milk until its reached a beige hue. Its a delicate art and you have to drink it quickly because it is cooled down by all the milk!

  11. I take mine white no sugar thanks! :o)

  12. Hey I've tweeted you as well @badgerbakes

  13. I take my tea plain and simple . Just with hot water.. thats when you can taste the true flavours of tea. Not tried the Victoria tea yet . Just bought a shabby sheek tea tray and going to be having a traditional afternoon tea soon . Hope u have a good day

    entered on Twitter @Chefphil24 :D

  14. Strong, with a splash of milk. Yum

  15. I love tea, in fact, i could probably survive if i swapped oxygen for tea.

    I love a nice cup of Earl or Lady Grey, yes - with a dash of milk! - blended with a nice little sit down and probably a biscuit.

    I make time for tea. It solves everything.

    btw, i'll tweet you too as @TheGardenGang

  16. Hi,

    I've entered @kathroooon, and ordered a sample pack from them! (and plan to do a taste test comparing to another NE tea brand) xx

  17. I like strong tea with a little milk, no sugar :)

  18. Definitely medium strength proper tea. just milk no.sugar and preferably a gallon at a time :) x

  19. Strong, white, 2 sugars please! ;-P

  20. Tweet Tweet -

  21. Earl grey, tiny bit of milk, two sugars. Has to be in a giant cup though!

  22. And I've tweeted from @CornerCottageB

  23. It depends on the tea, but I generally drink mine plain. Sometimes a bit of milk is good, but I rarely sweeten my tea unless it's a spicy chai.

  24. My 17yr old Son (a teaaholic) has a ritual. He boils the kettle, puts his water into the cup with a tea bag. (Ceylon's his favourite) Puts the timer from the microwave on for 3 minutes. He claims this is the perfect brewing time. Then he places in the milk and sugar and sits and drinks it with the Tea bag still inside. I personally find this too strong, but he loves it.

  25. Also entered on twitter




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