Monday, 30 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday

I have submitted my post to the linky over at Mrs M's Blog

Like a lot of people nowadays money is getting pretty tight and we are searching for ways to cut costs and save a few pennies. I have noticed a few people doing "Meal Planning Monday" on their blogs and it made me stop and assess how I do my food shopping and cooking.
I am a little ashamed of just how much food gets wasted in my house through lack of planning and probably a healthy dose of laziness. This has got to stop.

So I am giving this meal planning schtick a go to see if it helps reduce my costs and stops the "whats for dinner?" questions filling me with dread.

Now I don't have any children so I am just cooking for two;

Leftover pie with boiled potatoes and sweetcorn
Breaded fish with homemade chunky chips
Quorn chilli with brown rice
Tuna Pasta Bake
Lamb chops with garlic mash and greens

Weekend Baking
Valentines cupcakes and cookie pops

Luckily I have all of the ingredients already in the house so no shopping required this week. Will need to get planning next week to get an online shop sorted in time.

Do you meal plan? How do you stay organised and stop food waste?


  1. Yes I meal plan also for two people like yourself, found it really difficult at first to keep it varied. But someone mentioned planning meals by aiming for 2 fish dishes, 1 poultry dish, 1 red meat dish, 1 veggie dish, 1 treat dish (e.g. home-made pizza/burgers etc.) and 1 roast dinner each week. I found this helped keep it varied, and I reduced waste hugely by not buying fruit/veg in bags at the supermarket and instead planning how many of each item I would need and just buying that. x

  2. I plan meals but I have 2 kids who do stuff after school so I have a list of meals to choose from that are quick rather than chicken nuggets. I also batch cook things like spaghetti bolognaise, chilli and casseroles so I always have one in the freezer for a quick meal. I also food shop online so I tend to stick to my shopping list

    1. I do most of my food shopping online, saves so much money!

  3. Oh I love the idea of including Weekend baking even more so that you are making cupcakes - I'm a massive cupcake fan myself and feel inspired to try some with a Valentines twist myself now :)

  4. I find meal planning helps me budget and organise my day and now I've switched back to weekly shopping it helps me avoid the temptation to stock up and buys loads of extra things "just in case", good luck!

  5. I meal plan, and found you via Mrs M where I love to get a look at other people's menus. It's a great way to cut waste and, if not save money, at least not waste it.

    1. I love peeking at other peoples meal plans, helps me come up with new and interesting menu ideas.

  6. OOh lamb chops one of my favourite. Cookie pops sound great.


All comments are greatly loved;

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