Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Grrrrr Tiger Bread: It's Puurrrfect!

I recently saw a blog post over on Mary Anne's blog about Tiger Bread. I absolutely love Tiger Bread from the supermarket but had never really given much thought to how it was made. When I read Mary Anne's post I was intrigued and really wanted to give it a go myself...

I wont be posting a recipe as I urge everyone to click on the link to the original post, as Mary Anne's blog is amazing and informative and well worth a visit.

I did however differ from the recipe slightly, I had to add 60ml more water to the paste to get the perfect brushing consistency.

I will say that I followed a very standard white bread recipe,almost identical to my own and what makes the "tiger" effect is the paste that you spread on top of the loaf before baking.

I was really pleased with my loaf, it looked amazing and has a lovely crunch. However, the flavour was a little lacking. I was expecting that lovely signature "tiger bread" flavour but it was quite bland. I wonder if you can add flavouring to the paste?

I will definitely be making this visually stunning bread again.


  1. I have never heard of tiger bread before. I do so love bread, but I'm not much of a bread maker. I hate working with dough. Although it always seems to be one of those things that I dread doing, but then I do it and think "that wasn't so bad."

  2. Looks brilliant! I love the look of tiger breads. I'll have to have a go myself too :)


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