Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gingerbread House!

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas, the decorations are up, the Christmas cakes are baked and the weather men and women are harping on about the possibility of a white Christmas. I have been very jealous listening to everyone talking about their Christmas cake decorating and looking at pictures of gorgeous Christmas cakes on pinterest. Those of us out there who don't like the traditional Christmas fruit cake need a decorating challenge don't we?

Enter the magnificent Gingerbread House! They are cute, Christmassy and a bit of a challenge to decorate. So, I decided to dust off my rolling pin and piping bag and give it a go!

As you can see it is not perfect, the icing on the roof was a bit runny so I went a bit overboard with it and the silverspoon giant jazzie roof tiles didn't work out as I planned, but gosh I am proud!

I didn't really sit and plan it out as I should. It was only once it was cooked that I realised I forgot to cut out windows! So in future I think I will hold my horses and plan a little better before jumping in with both feet, I was just super excited to build it and decorate it.

I would love to make this a regular Christmas tradition, I hope one day to be building houses with my children and grandchildren. It is so much fun, much better than stinkin' fruit cake!

I used Rachel Allen's recipe which made a lovely firm yet tasty gingerbread. I followed her measurements as well but I found the roof panel a little too skinny so it is worth checking the pieces fit together on paper before baking.
I won't be posting the recipe here as I followed hers to the letter, so check out the link above for the full recipe.

I will be entering my gingerbread house into the Great British Baking Club December Challenge. If you fancy taking part in this challenge all you have to do is get baking! Once you have your house made simply head over to the GBBC and check out the rules and guidelines etc...

Are you a gingerbread house expert? I am slightly addicted to looking at pictures of them so show me yours?


  1. Nelly, I saw your gingerbread house on Instagram and thought it looked brilliamt, so cute and festive. I'm a bit scared to make one because of the whole architecture thing, but if I've got time this year might give it a go. Well done!

  2. wow! I love it, especially the jazzie roof! You should definitely make this a tradition.

  3. Brilliant Job! This is so sweet, and I love your gingerbread people out front. Wish I had the time/guts to give this a go - maybe next year :) x

  4. What a magnificent gingerbread house!! I love Mr and Mrs Gingerbread

  5. What a beautiful gingerbread house. I love it! It looks really festive and I love the tree and people details. Unfortunately I havent had time to make one this year but hopefully next year. I agree its so much more fun than fruit cake!

  6. great gingerbread house! I haven't made one yet x

  7. Ahhh this looks so good and yummy!
    I am putting a pic up tonight or tomorrow of one so keep an eye out xxx

  8. Wow this looks amazing! After making one last year (and forgetting to cut out windows and the door!) I decided to make mine a tradition. This year I baked my gingerbread and got all the ingredients together but just as I was about to do the royal icing I came over all 'can't be bothered' and just ate the sweets. I left it too late and was fed up of feeling stressed! I think I will do one next year but do it early like you so I can relax and enjoy it! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  9. I just clicked on the link to this. I love your gingerbread house, I have some that I've done over the past few months ona page on my blog, if you popover you'll see a page at the top called, with great originality, gingerbread houses. I just wish I had the time to do a Jubilee or Olympic themed one! Jude x


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