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Feeling brave: Macarons!

I had a full day of baking planned on Sunday, mostly I was planning on making heaps of biscuits for the Food Blogger Cookie Swap, but I also wanted to try a few other things while the biscuits were cooling or in-between bakes.

The biscuit recipe (which I will post on the 12th) called for only egg yolks so I had a few egg whites going spare so I flicked through a few recipe books and online sites to see what I could come up with. I came across a recipe for Macarons which seemed on face value relatively simple.
After watching The Great British Bake Off I was frankly terrified of these little french biscuits, they seemed like the hardest thing in the world, so I never even attempted them. I must of been feeling brave because I decided to give it a go...

Now onto the recipe:

Pink Vanilla Macarons with Almond Buttercream

  • 150 grams Icing Sugar
  • 150 grams Ground Almonds
  • 3 medium egg whites
  • 75 grams Caster Sugar

  • I started off by lining two cookie sheets with greaseproof paper and drawing smallish circles onto the paper,so all the macarons would be a similar size. I then turned the greaseproof paper over so I didn't get pencil on my biscuits!

    I then sifted the ground almonds and icing sugar together, discarding any large lumps of almonds. (I would sift before weighing as a I had a lot of large lumps!)

    Then in a separate bowl I whisked the egg white until they formed soft peaks, then gradually added the caster sugar until it became thick and glossy (just like making meringue)

    The recipe then said "Using a metal spoon, add half the almond mixture to the meringue and fold gently together. Add remaining almond mixture and stir to combine." Can anyone explain why a metal spoon and why do it half fold/ half stir? Is this necessary?

    I then added a smidge of vanilla and some pink colouring and dolloped it into a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle. I then piped them into little macaron shapes and left them to sit for 30 minutes until a skin formed.

    I baked them at 140 (fan oven) for around 13-15 minutes.

    I made a simple buttercream with a dash of almond extract for the middle, decided to leave it plain in colour bit added a little edible glitter for funsies.

    I got around 7 decent looking macarons out of the 18 I made, so it wasn't a complete success but I was pretty pleased. I think the mixture was a little bit too thin so the macarons spread a little while resting, making for a slightly flat bake.

    I definitely need a bit more practise and I still want to try the sugar syrup method to compare. So to summarize; lots more macarons to come!

    Have you been brave enough to try them? Were you successful?