Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Getting experimental with cupcakes...

Last week I was poorly, if you follow me on twitter I may have mentioned it (a few hundred times). In my opinion sympathy is the best cure for any minor ailment or illness so I like to whinge and whine to get maximum sympathy and therefore get better faster!

One thing that did make me feel better last week was escaping to my kitchen and playing with some delicious recipes. One of my experiments turned into a big success so I thought I would share.

I started out wanting to make my dulche de leche brownies. I had been given one of those box mixes for brownies (which I normally don't use but was poorly and really wanted some brownies) so I quickly added milk as instructed and made the batter. Which, by the way looked nowhere near as good as my homemade brownies; lesson learned.

However, once the batter was made I quickly realised that there wasn't nearly enough batter to layer it up with the caramel! So my fever riddled mind devised a cunning plan...

Gorgeously dense chocolate brownie bottomed...

Rich vanilla sponge topped, oozey caramel middle cupcakes! Topped with even more sticky caramel goodness.

I need to think of a pithier name for them though; any suggestions?

Needless to say they didn't last long! They were incredibly rich and decadent but undeniably delicious. The majority of them went off to work with the boyfriend and from what I hear they didn't last long!


  1. Double caramel brownie cupcake? They look delicious.
    If only I could eat one!

  2. I quite regularly use those box cake mixes, especially if I'm just looking for a sponge cake that I'm going to tart up somehow. Shush, don't tell anyone though....

  3. WOOOOOOOW!!! I don't think my mind can cope with such an amazing concoction. I'm not surprised they disappeared so quickly!

  4. Oooof, they look AWESOME! Want want want. Hope you're feeling better :)


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