Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Clandestine Cake Club - November 2011

For those who have never heard of the Clandestine Cake Club head on over to the website to read a bit more about how it got started and how to take part.

Last Wednesday I attended my first ever CCC meeting. I was a bit afraid to take a cake along so was luckily invited as a guest. Lisa who runs the Newcastle CCC put a plea out on twitter looking for a guest (as hers had dropped out), needless to say I jumped at the chance! A night of free cake and a chance to meet fellow cake lovers of Newcastle? Yes please!

The club was held in Fenwick's this month and I had a fantastic time, eating cake and meeting new people. There were some amazing cakes to try, some are pictured above. (from left to right)

Top left: this was a deliciously decadent chestnut and rum cake, it had a really dense and unusual texture but the chestnut flavour was amazing!

Top right: This was a Pina Colada sponge cake covered in rich icing and fresh coconut, (I may have taken a HUGE slice of this home) baked by the lovely Lisa

Bottom left: This is an eggnog cake, I was intrigued by this one and was looking forward to trying it the most. I didn't get a chance to chat to the baker so never did find out what it was covered with, it was almost like biscuit crumbs. Very flavoursome cake though!

Bottom right: This was a cranberry and dark chocolate panettone baked by the ever so talented Kate from Cake Poppins. I have always thought that panettone was quite dry and never really enjoyed it before. I had obviously been eating sub-par cakes as this one was amazing! (I may have also taken a huge chunk of it home)

I did make a rather school-boy error of cutting the cake slices too thick, as you can see from my first plateful pictured above. So by the time I finished trying the first three I was quite full! I only managed to sample about 5-6 of the cakes there, but did take more home to save for later.

We all left with happy bellies and floating on a sugar high. Not a scrap of cake was left! I was very impressed with the whole event and can't wait for the next meeting in January, I think I might even be brave and bake something to take along!

Do you have anything similar in your area? What are your top tips for eating large amounts of cake and not being sick?


  1. A day of eating cake? Well that sounds like the best day ever! My tip for eating loads would be to pace yourself, eat smaller slices and remember to drink tea with it as it'll cut through the sweetness.

  2. Hi Nelly,

    lovely write up.

    My tip is to simply go home and lie down for two hours after each cake club meeting. It's the only way of coping with the massive sugar coma. Then, after two hours, a cup of tea. Then cake for breakfast the next day.

    Hope to see you at pie club also,
    Hayley x


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