Monday, 10 October 2011

A bit of a scone fail.

My first foray into the world of scones was not a successful one, it was entirely my fault and nothing to do with the fabulous recipe from Edd Kimber.

The dough/scone mixture itself was lovely, looked exactly as it should and I had the highest of hope. However, I realised when it came to cutting out that I didn't have a circular cutter! I had every other shape under the sun from dinosaurs to Christmas trees but alas no circle.

I decided to use a glass instead, so searched my cupboard for something of the right size and settled on my Disney's Camp Rock tumbler (Yes it is mine, no I don't have children.) However, it turns out the thick glass doesn't make for a good scone cutter...

Ready for the oven

I also made the fatal error of getting a bit over-eager with the egg-wash. I didn't realise if it went down the sides that the scones wouldn't rise. *facepalm*
Thanks to my scone-expert friend Jo for pointing out my error.

Overall the scones were very heavy, they still tasted good with butter and jam but I know I can do better! Scones are one of those recipes that everyone should be able to do, watch out for Scones 2.0!

On the brightside, they did have a lovely shine!

Had any recipe fails recently? Come on; make me feel better and share...


  1. Not recently, but ...

    Once I was making cupcakes for Macmillan coffe morning. I realised at the last minute I only had plain flour, but i had in baking powder so I could just use that.

    I realised about 3 mins after them going into the oven that i'd forgotten to put it in. Frustrating! But i thought i could just pretend they were little biscuits or something. Hardly anyone in work bakes, people mainly buy cakes so if anyone makes anything at all people get very excited.

    Then i managed to thoroughly burn them. Had to throw them away :(

    Luckily i had made something else too so at least i had something to take in :)

  2. As long as they taste good, who cares? Do you have Eds new book? I'm thinking of putting it on my Christmas list! X

  3. Beth - I have never messed up a cake, thankfully. (Have I just jinxed myself.
    Plenty of biscuit, icing, piping, scones, bread fails but never cake. ;)

    I don't have his book yet, but it is on the Christmas list!

  4. You so should have gone for dinosaur scones!!!!

    I always have recipe fails. I just throw a tantrum in the kitchen, cry then cover them up with "it's suppose to be like that, duh!".

    (Camp Rock tumblers are cool).

  5. Long as they tasted good they aren't a failure! I made my daughter a giant cupcake cake for her 21st in July. The top half was great and the bottom just had massive dip in it. First cake ever to do that on me. Still no idea why! So I melted chocolate and whipped cream and filled hole with that. Worked well and was enjoyed by all *phew* I nearly cried at time though.

  6. The other day when I was looking for my pepperoni roll recipe, I found a recipe for pumpkin scones. I made them last fall & they are delish. Maybe this weekend...

  7. Those scones still look deliciously edible - so it's NOT a failure! :) My biggest flop in the kitchen was fried chicken. The dough stuck to the pan, I had way too much oil, and the chicken refused to cook through. THAT was a failure!

  8. I always think scones are deceptively difficult. Twisting your cutter/glass when cutting out the scones can also stop them from rising properly (I think).

    I had a fairly disasterous malteser cake a while ago. It didn't rise and was really rubbery! I've also learnt to NEVER watch exciting tv programmes whilst baking because I will always burn things. An episode of Spooks nearly destroyed a batch of cupcakes.

  9. Yeph, quite a few that I've blogged about - about to post one on Mung Bean Waffles that were dense!


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