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Battenburg and the loss of my baking mojo...

I had a terrible baking weekend, I felt like everything that could possibly have gone wrong, went wrong. Well, maybe it wasn't as bad as all that but it sure felt like it.
I was baking some delicious goodies for my friends Jamie at Home party. (Like a Tupperware party but with Jamie Oliver stuff) I have never baked for a party or occasion before so was a little nervous.

I had wanted to not only bake something delicious but also something pretty so I could show off some of my new skills! But alas, it just wasn't meant to be...

The host of the party really wanted some carrot cake, so I flicked through my cookbooks and found a lovely Rachel Allan recipe. I followed the recipe precisely but even after an hour and a half in the oven it still wasn't cooked in the middle! It was too wet and just fell apart! I did try to throw together some cream cheese frosting to disguise the mess but I also managed to mess that up! (Don't ask)

I just about had enough time to whip up the recipe again but turn then into muffins instead, which cooked a lot quicker. They were still a little too moist but everyone said they were delicious and I sprinkled a little brown sugar on the top for a bit of crispness.

By the time I had battled with this carrot cake I had pretty much run out of time to do anything else too fancy. I rustled up some Mary Berry brownies after a recommendation from Amy at Weekly Bake Off and they were divine! Definitely making those again!

My sort of triumph of the day was my Battenburg, it went a lot better than I thought it would. I have never attempted to wrap anything wit fondant or marzipan so was expecting disaster, and it never came! The marzipan was a little too thick perhaps but I love marzipan so it was fine.

I decided to mess with the flavours in a traditional Battenburg and rather than just coloured almond sponge, I went for a rose and vanilla sponge. The pink was rose flavoured and tasted like gorgeous Turkish delight heaven! The white side had fresh vanilla seeds flecked through it and was light and the perfect partner for the rose flavour. I sealed the whole thing with apricot jam and marzipan (which I measured and cut perfectly!)

I will definitely be using the rose and vanilla sponges in other bakes in future, the flavours were so delicate and complimented each other perfectly.
Unfortunately I didn't get Star Baker this week, but the person who won thoroughly deserved it, there were some gorgeous looking battenburgs (17 in total!)

Oh and I ordered some gorgeous cake-tins from Jamie at Home! I cannot find a picture online anywhere so will have to wait until they arrive to show you!

So to sum it all up, bit of a flop on the baking front this weekend, but had a lovely time at the parties and learnt a few lessons so hopefully my baking will improve. If you have any lovely carrot cake recipes throw them my way, I need to redeem myself.