Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday: my week in pictures.


Well, it has been a pretty exciting week this week!

1. I coloured my hair for the first time, I used Henna. It was a bit messy but very worth it as my hair is gorgeously smooth and silky, not to mention BRIGHT RED!

2. I baked some rather delicious muffins this week, they were a bit of a recipe adaptation which is a first for me. I have always followed recipes to the letter but these muffins were me just experimenting. (Recipe blog post to follow)

3. I got a rather special piece of paper in the post this week. For the last two years I have been studying part time for my foundation degree in Human Resource Management. I finally got confirmation that I PASSED!

4. Autumn is finally here, so to celebrate this fact I dusted off my slow cooker and made a delicious beef stew! It was really comforting and I made enough to have it two nights in a row! On the first night I had it with fresh home-made bread and butter, on the second night I had it on a jacket potato.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for posts about yummy experimental muffins, scones and crumble. Also next Saturday I am off to a cupcake workshop! Exciting times.


  1. Congrats on passing your course - I did my CIPD a few years ago, still got the scars ;-) and you have reminded me I MUST dig out our slow cooker. Have a good week Hx

  2. Hair looks fab!!! cakes were to die didn't mention you got your course results!!!!! and stew looks amazing. xxxxxx

  3. Your hair looks fab! I absolutely love the colour.

  4. Congratulations on your foundation degree, definitely slow cooker weather in Newcastle this week!


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