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The Great British Bake-off

Over the past eleven weeks I have been glued to my screen every Tuesday night at 8pm. The Great British Bake off has been compelling to say the least. Who would have thought that watching eleven amateur bakers attempt to master a variety of baked goods would make for such addictive viewing.

So many elements have made this series special from the judges, How can you not love Mary Berry? The presenters, Mel and Sue and their innuendo filled speeches and voice-overs. And how can we forget the contestants!?

Share the crumbly love day.

I have been itching to make a crumble all summer, I have been waiting for the weather to turn and the leaves to fall. Autumn is by far my favourite time of year, the days have cooled, the leaves have turned, and the food! Oh the food!

Autumn flavours are the best! Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger; I am drooling as I write this. Autumn to me means comfort food, rich soups and stews, puddings with custard, which make you feel all warm inside.

As I was contemplating making my first crumble of the year I saw Delicious Magazine was promoting their "Share the love day". The idea was simple; instead of making one crumble, why not make two and give one to someone who you don’t know, someone you wish you knew better or someone who needs cheering up.

It is all about spreading some much-needed good cheer, and fostering community spirit in the process.
So I set to work making some yummy crumbles.

Roadtrip; the one with all the jam.

Last weekend me and my lovely sister went on a little roadtrip!

I may have annoyed quite a lot of people on social networking sites by tweeting the entire journey, but we made it in one piece!

We were travelling from Newcastle to Ipswich, which we managed in just under 5 hours. We didn't set off until after 5pm, I had taken a days holiday to pack, burn roadtrip CDs and bake bread, but my poor sister had to work all day then drive 5 hours! (I don't drive; sorry Jen!)

A simple white loaf

Not bad for a first try!

As anybody who follows me on twitter or facebook may be aware, I am a big fan of the Great British Bake-off on BBC2 (Tuesday nights at 8pm). I love the concept; sort of like the masterchef of cakes and other baked goodies. A few of my posts have been inspired by the show and this one is no different.

Last week on the show they tackled bread. I have never attempted to make bread myself, I vaguely remember making it with my Mum as a child but I have never tried it all by myself. So this weekend I set myself the task of making a simple white loaf.

So I pulled out my Great British Bake-off book and found Paul Hollywood's recipe for a basic white loaf, it said it was the prefect starting place for beginners! Brilliant! So off I went to my kitchen...

Dulche de Leche Brownies

Dulche de Leche brownies

One of life's little pleasures for me, is sitting down on a Sunday morning with a nice brew, a bacon sandwich and watching Something for the Weekend on BBC2.

Simon, Tim and Louise - My Sunday morning friends

One of my goals in life is to appear on the fridge with my version of one of Simon's recipes. I did send a photo in once or twice but alas it has never happened.

The week before the "big move" they made some delicious looking Dulche de Leche brownies on the show. I have just been calling them caramel brownies as I think trying to pronounce dulche de leche makes me sound like a tool.
I decided these were the perfect treat for my lovely helpful moving buddies.

So here is my attempt at the brownies, I have only ever attempted brownies once before and they turned out more like cake so I had very high hopes for these bad boys.

The big move and exploding ovens

First of all apologies for lack of posts over the past two weeks, however, I do have a valid excuse; I was moving house! We waved goodbye to our grotty old flat and moved into our gorgeous new home! I cant even put into words how happy I am with the new house. It is a proper grown-up house with an upstairs AND a downstairs!

Shiny new house

The day before the big move I decided to bake some delicious cookies and brownies for all the wonderful people helping us move, because I am nice like that.

Although, not everything went according to plan...