Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Milk with one.


Milk and one sugar if you please.

Apparently I have stopped taking sugar in my tea.

In my teenage years I was strictly a milk and two sugars girl, in fact the brew was probably 85% milk and sugar and 15% actual tea. I have evolved over the years and now prefer a stronger cup of tea, with a dash of milk and one sugar (heaped).

This is how I have been taking my tea for at least the past 5 years.

Just now I was happily drinking my third cuppa of the day when my co-worker said:

"So, your liking tea without sugar then?"

To which I replied... "Eh? What are you on about?"

"Your tea doesn't have sugar, I have been making it without all week."

I hadn't even bloody well noticed!

On the plus side each heaped teaspoon of sugar contained 24 calories, so if you multiply that by the 6 cups I have a day I am saving myself 144 calories a day!

Probably doesn't equate to much of a difference seeing as I ate two slices of Victoria sponge, 3 brownies and a shed load of chocolate cookies yesterday!


  1. 6 cups a day!!!crazy lady, now i like 1 weak coffee a day myself with milk and one sugar, Sy keeps trying to secretly wean me off the sugar but with little luck so far!!!haha


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