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Top Four TV Obsessions

While my blog may be mainly food-related I do have other interests and obsessions in my life, I thought I would share some with you, as I would like this blog to be more than simply food and recipes.

Recently I have been signing up for a lot of blog related sites like 20 something bloggers, the food blog roll and networked blogs on facebook. (I am always looking for more places and communities to join!)
When you join these places you have to fill out forms and profiles, one question always fills me with dread.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Its the same with job applications and other random forms. The reason this particular question fills me with such dread is that my hobbies and interests and huge clich├ęs and make me sound really bloody boring!
My interests tend to be the things people list when they can't think of anything else!

Watching TV

I always panic and try to add something a bit exciting and different, maybe I am over thinking it and worry too much about what other people will think of me.

My main interest I would say is TV, which paints a picture of me being totally lazy, but I just love finding new shows to get completely lost in.
I just love getting swept away in the story, meeting new characters and getting completely drawn in to a whole different world for a little while.

Gosh that makes me sound like a bit of a lonely old lady or something, but I promise you I have friends!.. Lots of them... *shifty eyes*

So this is my list of my four (it was meant to be five but I couldn't pick a fifth!) favourite TV shows of the moment.

Gilmore girls
I am completely and utterly obsessed with this show, I have watched every episode at least twelve times and never get bored. It is my "go-to" show when I am home alone and need some company. I really wish stars hollow was a real place, I would move there immediately! The downside of this TV classic is the sheer amount of food they eat, it does make you think you too can eat like a pig and not gain weight! Curse you Lorelai Gilmore!

It was like this show was designed with me in mind! Its like the creators of the show were actually in my brain when they thought up glee. I am a musical freak at heart, and also have a slight love of disney. One of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures is High School Musical. *blush*
What I love most about glee, more than the catchy musical numbers and awesome fashion choices is the humour, it is so dark and slightly twisted; totally me!

The Mentalist
This is a relatively new obsession, I am not normally a crime show sort of gal but this one has me hooked. probably because Simon Baker is a stone cold fox! *swoon*
The "will they, wont they" thing going on between the two main characters is a sure fire way to get me interested. Add to that a dash of humour, fast paced dialogue and unexpected twists in the plot and that equals a bloody good show in my book.

16 and Pregnant
This is the ultimate guilty pleasure show for me, on those nights when the boyfriend works late or I have the house to myself I just love to watch this show! It is hilarious! There is something about watching people make terrible life choices that is positively life affirming! You end up thinking "Well my life isn't as bad as I thought!"
Plus... Awww babies!