Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Surprise Surprise

Well well well, here I go again!

I keep promising myself that I will update and get back into baking, but it always falls by the wayside.
I am off work today so have decided to tackle a recipe from my HUGE collection I have been meaning to try.

The reason I am off work is a long and involved one really.
It is just for today, basically, yesterday on my way home from work I ended up being stuck in the middle of some sort of armed siege! (no joke!)
Some crazy man has been on a tear up around my city this weekend, shooting people and police. He is still at large now which is why I am off today.
I mean it is highly unlikely in a city of hundreds of thousands that anything will happen to me but I just feel a bit anxious!

Time for some baking therapy me thinks!

So today I am attempting Snickerdoodles from the Rachel Allen cook book.
Now I always thought snickerdoodles has something to do with snickers chocolate bars, but apparently not!
They are described in the book as a soft and cakey biscuit with a soft autumnal flavour! Sounds yummy!

Watch this space...

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  1. Snickerdoodles are among my favorite cookies. Sometimes I bake them until they are crispy, sometimes I like them nice and soft. How frightening it is about the man on the loose shooting people. Hope by now he has been captured.


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