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Spanish Omelette-tastic!

A sort of tribute to Spain's triumph at the World Cup

I am really getting back into the swing of this cooking malarkey.

I am determined to not just eating the same old thing every single night.
I got stuck in a bit of a rut/rotation of the same meals, lasagne, curry, chilli, chicken and rice blah blah blah... It was getting a little boring.

I am always on the look-out for nice new recipes to try. Things that are simple enough to put together after a long day at work.

I was at a friends house on Friday night for a bit of a twilight movie marathon (TWIHARD!) and she made us a beautiful Spanish omelette. I arrived a little early as always so helped in the preparation.
Not only was it simple to make but it tasted amazing! I decided to make my own version last night.

As my fussy boyfriend is opposed to anything remotely healthy or green I had to be careful what I put into it.
I settled for a simple leek, sweet potato and choritzo Omelette.

I diced a large sweet potato and put it on to boil, chopped up a small leek and a generous portion of choritzo and fried them in a little fry-lite until the leeks were softened.

I then mixed the potato and leek mixture together in a pie dish and poured over a mixture of 6 medium eggs and a splash of milk, then I sprinkled a little cheddar and some chives on the top.

It cooked away in the oven for roughly 25 minutes.

And voila!

(I really need to work on my food photography! This is a little pitiful...)

It was so yummy I didn't even have a chance to take a picture of the whole thing before tucking in! I am definitely adding this to our regular meal rotation! *nom nom*