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Progress has been made people!

I baked! That's right, me! I baked!

I decided against the snickerdoodles, even though they are awesomely funny to say. I had some rather over ripe bananas hanging around my kitchen so decided to make an old favourite; Banana Bread.

It was an overall success, the bread/loaf tasted lovely in the end! There was a few mishaps along the way but generally I would say it went well.

Unfortunately I am at work right now and I forgot to email the photos to myself. *facepalm* so the post, recipe and photos will be coming soon. Excited? I know I am!

It has been a crazy old week for me, the crazy gunman is still on the loose and not five minutes goes by without sirens or helicopters interrupting my thought process. I keep having weird dreams about him chasing me! Its quite off putting.

Anywhoo, recipe on the way complete with numerous photos of the process (including a slight injury!) Watch this space.