Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Mmmm Pie...


It didn't take me long to christen my beautiful new Laura Ashley polka dot pie dish! (thanks Mummy!)

Mainly because the second the boyfriend saw me up-wrap the thing he started moaning about wanting one of my famous corned beef and potato pies! So I decided to get straight to it...

As I was at work all day I decided to try and use ready made frozen pastry for the first time. I usually make my own as it just tastes so much nicer.
I have to say the Jusrol pastry was actually not that bad! It was so easy to use and left very little mess.

I mean taste-wise it wasn't a patch on homemade. It was a little dry and quite salty but for a quick and easy pie recipe it served its purpose.

The filling for the pie is simply a couple of regular potatoes and a sweet potato mashed up with some corned beef.
Nothing too spectacular but my gosh did it taste heavenly! *drool*


  1. Never heard of a pie like that, are there any kind of spices in it? Love the polka dot pie pan!

  2. Hey Patti, no spices just potatoes and corned beef with a bit of salt and pepper.

  3. Sounds like a fairly easy dish to make...I've never had one like this but I'll have to try it out!

  4. Sounds spectacular to me! Looks good too.


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