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Banana Bread Huzzah! Well sort of...

I remembered to email myself the pictures! Go me! *applause*

However, as I sit at my desk feeling pretty happy with myself, I have suddenly realised I have completely forgotten to bring the recipe to work!! It is in a book on a shelf in my kitchen. *facepalm*

So anyway, here are the pictures of my beautiful banana bread!

It was a relative success, in as much as it tasted nice and made my house smell absolutely divine! However, it did help me realise how rusty my baking skills actually are!

I mixed all the ingredients as per the recipe in record time! All was going well, feeling pretty smug, when... CRAP! ... I forgot the sugar!

Seriously I completely forgot to add sugar! *hangs head in shame*
So I measured it out and quickly added it to the mixture rationalising that if nobody saw me it didn't happen.

It went in the oven and cooked away happily for 50 minutes or so, smelled good, looking nice... I was quite a happy camper at this stage, until...


In my hurry to extract my glorious loaf from the oven I managed to burn my finger! It touched the metal bars on the oven shelf. You know when it is so hot you actually stick to it a little, then when jumping up in pain you actually manage to rip a whole layer of skin off! Fantastic!

(This picture does not do the horrific wound justice, but it makes me look really cute! Ha!)

However, after this ordeal I must say the bread was pretty good! Nowhere near as good as my Mums world famous banana bread, but definitely edible. It was all gone by the next morning (mostly eaten by me).

First attempt at baking in a year... verdict: decent-ish.