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Birthday Merriment!

So I am one year older, I turned 24 last week!

I am a giant child at heart so like to celebrate my birthday over a whole week, rather than just the one day. As I am a boring working lady these days I only had four days to spend celebrating this year, but it was awesome!

Friday, I spent the day pampering myself; plucking, waxing, facial-ing, manicuring, deep hair conditioning...The works! I wanted to look my best for the whole weekend.

Saturday was my day with the boyfriend, coffee at our all time favourite coffee spot (Intermezzo in Newcastle = Amazing latte!). We actually had our very first date there so it has a special meaning for us.
We then wandered around town, popped into a few shops and went for lunch.
It was my choice of lunch venue so I decided to try the American dinner that had recently opened. I had a yummy chilli dog with fries and onion rings plus a uber thick strawberry milkshake. It was sooo good!

Mmm Milkshake-y!

Mmm hot dawg!

Back home for naps and indigestion

The we hit the town, me and around 15 of my friends spent the night on a gorgeous roof terrace enjoying the lovely summer evening and drinking copious amounts of vodka.

Sunday was my day with my family. Got some awesome presents and had another deliciously decadent meal. Steak with all the fixings. *drools*
I spent the afternoon watching Disney's UP with my Mum (crying from start to finish of course), had a little nap and watched Gilmore Girl DVDs until I fell into a happy slumber.

The tradition of the balloon filled hallway! 

Awesome new Perfume! Thanks Sis!

Laura Ashley red polka dot pie dish! *drool*
And matching cups!!!!
Totally got the giggles trying to blow out my candles!

On Monday was spent doing all of my usual weekend jobs, such as food shopping, house cleaning and washing.

So in a nutshell an awesome birthday long weekend!