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Work, Life and College.... Oh my!

Wow so over a year since my last entry! How terribly sad!

I guess life sort of got in my way a bit, it's probably no coincidence that i started my new job around about the time of my last post.
I guess I'm not as great a multi-tasker as i thought!

Don't get my wrong, i have been cooking but more for sustenance than pleasure, focusing on quick, easy recipes i can whip up in a flash!

So i am going to try with all my might for a bit of balance in my life again, as i have so many new recipes waiting in the wings, screaming for me to bake/cook them!

I made these awesome Orange and Chocolate Chunk cupcakes a few weeks ago! They proved so popular i didn't even have time for a photo op!

But i will be making them again around Christmas time, as i plan on being rather cheap with the gifts this year, and opt for homemade! ^^

Another change has occurred in my life, i have gone back to school! Two evenings a week, its pretty fun so far (four weeks in) but i do have 3 assignments due in by January.

You may be thinking, yet another distraction to stop me from getting back to the kitchen. But actually it's having the opposite effect!
I never realised how much you can get done in the hours between getting home from work and going to bed! Those four hours used to be spent on face book or catching up on my recorded TV shows...
But now i realise i could if i wanted to bake a cake! or whip up some yummy dinner i can!!!

I've always had a bit of a warped sense of time, i blame my mother.
Me and my sister are the same, perpetually early for everything (and not just 5 mins early, I'm talking 30-40 mins early!)
I get into a total panic at the thought of being late, or not having time to do something.
For example the other morning i needed to get up a bit earlier to shower before work, as i was so tired after college i didn't have time the night before.
For some reason in my warped brain i thought i would need an hour... A WHOLE HOUR! To shower and blow dry!
I got up at 6:30am in a panic that i might be late! Rushed through my shower, blow dried and straightened like my life depended on it, pulled on my clothes, slapped on a bit of make-up...
Looked at the clock, which read 07:05! that's right! 07:05!
I don't have to leave the house until 8:15am to get to work on time! Why on earth did i think i needed to get up at 06:30! That's my weird little brain for you!

So i am slowly training myself to be better, be one of those fabulous domestic-goddesses who get everything done without breaking a sweat!

So i plan to document this re-training journey, right here for you all to see! Mainly so i cant slack off and go back to the old ways! ^^

So help me stick on the straight and narrow folks!

Next weeks goal: to successfully drag out my slow cooker and make and prepare a meal in it, so its all ready for when i get home!