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Crash Hot Potatoes!

These we suggested to me by Bob! check out his blog!

basically i had some new potatoes in the cupboard and didnt just want plain old boring boiled potatoes, so i reached out to my wonderful Bakespace buds who suggested this!
Here is a pic of them before they were put in the oven...and after.
I boiled the potatoes till they were fully cooked,
then i layed them on a baking sheet and drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper,
and now for the fun part!
i grabbed a potatoes mashed and squished the potatoes, not completely mashed, just smooshed a little!
at this point in the future i'd probably add some cheese or maybe some bacon?

i just shoved them in the oven for around 20 mins and they came out like this...i served them with some pork chops.