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Chocolate Chip Cakies

Ok, so i woke up this morning around 8am with an overwhelming desire to bake! i had a browse around Bakespace and my various cookbooks and decided to try Chocolate Chip Cookies!
or as i called mine, Chocolate Chip Cakies! as they turned out quite cake like! although thanks to DD at bakespace, i fo…

Crash Hot Potatoes!

These we suggested to me by Bob! check out his blog!

basically i had some new potatoes in the cupboard and didnt just want plain old boring boiled potatoes, so i reached out to my wonderful Bakespace buds who suggested this!
Here is a pic of them before they were put in the oven...and after.
I boiled …

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

I got this recipe from a book called 'Baking Day'
I really wanted to try my hand at pastry, as i'd never tried to make it from scratch before. i'd also never attemped meringue either!
This recipe was super easy to follow and the pie turned out really good!
I may n…