Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Life Lately - September 2017


Life has been a little hectic lately, I mean when is life with a toddler not hectic? But this past few months has been just a little bit extra. The main source of the stress has of course been my recent nuptials. I mean we purposefully went for small and fun to try and avoid any sort of bridezilla moments and for the most part we managed to keep things together, but my brain has been pretty occupied with a lot of 'But what if no one comes?!' or 'What if it all looks a bit shit?!' and its left little room for much else.

So now its all done and dusted and I am fully fledged Sadie (funny girl reference alert), I thought I would once again peek into the blogosphere and see what's been occurring.

So here is a little glimpse at my life lately and what to expect coming up on my little corner of the web.


In the weeks leading up to the wedding we had family to visit and did some wonderful little day trips around the North East, which I am hoping to share with you guys soon. This was the wonderful Preston Park museum and grounds in Stockton on Tees. Its a little further afield than we usually travel via public transport, but its really easy to get to in a car and we had a lovely time there. Zoe loved the little Victorian street, with all the little old fashion shops and a tea room. We even stumbled into a small weekly play group which had lots of toys and crafts going on. There was also a wonderful playground with a HUGE sandpit which kept Zoe entertained for almost an hour.


Another place we visited was Gibside, which is a National Trust property just south of Gateshead. We did a spot of geocaching and Zoe ran for miles and well and truly tired herself out. We do love it here but once again it isn't the easiest place to get to via public transport - like with most National Trust properties. We did take advantage of the English Heritage open weekend to get in for free though, which was a bonus.


Oh yeah, and we did have a little wedding! No big deal. Much much more coming on this soon, I have a few blog posts planned around planning a wedding on a tight budget and sharing a few more details of our day, so watch this space. I might publish the budget wedding post before the official photos are ready, and then share the official stuff later on. I am not totally wedding obsessed but I am proud of what we achieved on our little budget and would love to share that with you all. If you want to see anything in particular, let me know in the comments.


After the wedding with spend the night at the wonderful Hotel Du Vin in Newcastle, which was so beautiful I really want to share that in the form of a mini review, this was our breakfast, which was the perfect cure for my prosecco headache.


I am hoping to start a little feature on the blog in the run up to Christmas and birthday season around local or independent shops, I stumbled upon this fantastic kids boutique in the Grainger Market recently called Simply Small Co (they also have an online store for those not local), and really love giving a platform for smaller stores. So if you have any suggestions or favourites you'd like to share, let me know in the comments - doesn't have to be kid centered.


Finally, we have well and truly entered the 'threenager' stage with Zoe and I am not going to lie - its tough. She is very strong minded and stubborn (wonder where she gets that from), which is amazing in terms of raising a strong kid, but in terms of day to day behavior its a bit of a struggle. So I am endeavoring to engage her in more activities and focus on ways to preempt the tantrums in a gentle way, rather than gradually turning into the shouty mum I never wanted to be. So I hope to share some of these activities and lessons learned as we go. Tips and wisdom is always welcome, so comment or hit me up on twitter or Instagram.

So that is a little insight into what we have been up to and what to expect on the blog soon. I really have missed blogging and I mostly miss the community that goes along with blogging so I am pledging to read more blogs and comment/engage more - feel free to leave any blog links below if you think I'd dig it. What are some of your favourite blogs? (you are totally allowed to say your own)

Monday, 7 August 2017

Meal Plan Like a Boss - 7 August


WE SURVIVED! Two weeks of no childminder. We did succumb to take away once, and I did have toast for dinner one night, but we survived! This week we are sort of back to normal, Zoe is back to the childminder but Paul is away Monday-Thursday being a super important big shot with work, so I am fending for myself.

On one hand I am anticipating feeling a bit lonely and sleeping with the TV on (tell me I am not the only adult who gets a bit creeped out being home alone?!) but on the other hand I am excited to plan meals just for me! I feel a bit overwhelmed by choice, as nothing is off limits!


Breakfast: Porridge with banana and honey
Lunch: naked noodles with seeded toast and avocado
Dinner: Leftover roast chicken pad thai.


Breakfast: Porridge with blueberries and honey
Lunch: Leftover pad thai
Dinner: Roasted broccoli fritata with haloumi


Breakfast: Porridge with banana and honey
Lunch: Red pepper and tomato soup.
Dinner: Pineapple and olive pizza.


Breakfast: Porridge with blueberries and honey
Lunch: Red pepper and tomato soup
Dinner: I am out with friends for Newcastle Restaurant Week, we haven't decided where yet as we are indecisive.


Breakfast: Cereal, toast and coffee
Lunch: We are planning to be out and about during the day, so we'll grab something on the go.
Dinner: Pesto pasta with bacon and garlic bread.

What is everyone else eating this week? Don't forget you can grab my free PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNER over on last week's Meal Plan Like a Boss post.

What's on your meal plan this week?

Sunday, 6 August 2017

World Breastfeeding Week - Demand more from your nursing bra.


It's World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August), and I realised I have never really discussed my own experiences of breastfeeding on this blog. Mostly that was purposeful, as it is such an emotive topic, I didn't feel 100% comfortable sharing my own experiences as my decision to combi-feed can sometimes be met with negativity online. However, I did manage to breastfeed Zoe for 12 months and I am incredibly proud of that fact.

One thing I absolutely hated about breastfeeding was frumpy nursing bras. I searched high and low for a decent nursing bra, which not only fitted my ample milk filled boobs, but also looked nice. I mean it is hard enough to maintain your sense of self in new motherhood. I struggled to find high street retailers who stocked my size in store, and I was a bit daunted by shopping online, in case they didn't fit. So I ended up venturing to M&S, where it took me so long to find the measly two styles they had in store, which were hidden on the bottom row under the post-surgery bras - nothing saying 'normalize breastfeeding' like crawling on your hands and knees in marks and spencer to find a nursing bra.

The two I bought were beige and navy with twee polka dots and a bow on the front. They didn't really fit well, but they had the little clippies and I made do. They provided no support, and I felt frumpy in them, but I didn't realise there was any other choice out there.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a shop which specialises in edgy, modern design which is functional but also a little bit (dare I say) sexy! I certainly wish I knew of them back when I was feeding.

The Lucky Muthah Nursing Bra design is a nursing bra like no other! After having her daughter in 2015 Carly Foster became disheartened with the lack of edgy and modern nursing bras available. She craved to have a nursing bra that was functional, a bit sexy, not beige, and basically something she didn't mind people getting an eye-full of when her darling daughter pulled at her top to demand more 'Boo Boos!' in the middle of the coffee shop. (we've all been there right?)

On-trend prints, modern cage-detailing, natural shaping and lift (yes, even for those with larger busts). What also makes their Nursing Bra unique is the 'Y' strap detail. This not only aids support (which we all know our milk-filled boobs need as much of as possible), but is also a fashion detail that can be incorporated with your outfits and can turn any outfit from 'Frumpy Mum' to 'Lucky Muthah'!

To celebrate both World Breastfeeding Week and one year of selling their amazing bras, Lucky Muthas will be having a month long sale (25% off!) on ALL nursing bras, and bringing back a few Limited Edition favourites that had previously sold out.

There is also an Instagram competition to win your own Lucky Mutha Nursing Bra by sharing your own Breastfeeding story/brelfie/experience using the #DemandMoreFromYourNursingBra hashtag.

The aim of the campaign is to get Mamas talking about breastfeeding. The good and the bad. Our lows and our highs. Let’s be real! Let’s talk about how itchy breast pads are, and how scary it can be when you first breastfeed in public. How you’ve been wearing the same grey ‘sleep bra’ for months because it’s impossible to find a decent fitting nursing bra on the high-street! To discuss how impractical and dated high-street nursing bras can be. To empower breastfeeding mothers to share a brelfie (breastfeeding selfie) and talk about how we want to demand more from our usual boring nursing bra. Being a new Mama and hardly having time for a shower is tough enough, without feeling like your tender, leaky bosom aren’t being supported enough. Let’s share how proud and Lucky we are to be able to breastfeed and empower other Mamas to do the same!

To take part in the campaign, or to just help spread the word and help get the conversation surrounding nursing bras flowing, you just need to post your picture on instagram and use the tag #demandmorefromyournursingbra.

So please get involved and start demanding more from your nursing bra.

(This is not a sponsored post, I am just really quite passionate about this and wanted to share this great shop/campaign)

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