Monday, 16 January 2017

Linky: Meal Plan Like a Boss (FREE PRINTABLE)


I was about 80% on plan this week, but I had a damn good reason. On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment to have a tooth extracted. It went much better than I expected but I still didn't fancy cooking a lasagne after and ended up eating chips (soft and bland). BUT the way I see it is I can roll that meal over to next week.

This week I am only planning Monday - Friday as I am going away for the weekend to Leeds with my best friends, to meet my internet best friends. I am so excited! The need to be frugal is even bigger if I am to have any gin money.

Monday: Leftover corned beef and potato pie with boiled potatoes and carrots.

Tuesday: Cottage Pie.

Wednesday: Risotto - either prawn or salmon, I haven't decided yet.

Thursday: Chicken enchiladas.

Friday: Homemade pizzas

Breakfast this week at work will be porridge or fruit, and lunch will either be leftovers of the above or soup/avocado toast/things brought from home.

I find writing down my meal plan in blog form super helpful, and if I blog it I am much more likely to stick to it. However, I also write it down and stick it up in my kitchen so that others in the house can see it (and try to remember to take things out of the freezer in time). I have had all sorts of cool planners and calendars for this over the years but none have been 100% my style so I decided to make my own! I designed it in black and white as I don't tend to have colour ink in my printer plus monochrome is cool right? Anyway, I decided to make it available as a FREE PRINTABLE for you guys to use too, if you like.

Download; Meal Plan Like a Boss Printable.

I have also decided to add a little linky to my weekly meal plan, so that other meal planning bloggers can link in one place, mainly as a source of inspiration and to get ideas from everyone else, but also to help build a little community of meal plan bosses. I regularly get comments from a hardcore few (hey Kim *waves) but I would love to see a few more and check out their plans too! So if you are a blogger who meal plans, let linking! (I will try to share as many as I can through social media and use the hashtag #mealplanlikeaboss - also how would people feel about the occasional twitter chat exchanging tips?)

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday Moment - 15th January


1. My week started with a trip to the dentist, not the best way to start a week. I have had tooth issues for the last couple of months which has involved a trip to the emergency dental hospital 4 days before Christmas and popping a lot of pain killers. Finally, I had my bad tooth extracted on Tuesday. I was pretty scared and nervous about it but my new dentist is a total hero who took that bad tooth out like it was no big deal and then hummed along to pearl jam with me while I sat in shock that it was all over so quickly. He also gave me some new cleaning treatment which left my teeth pearly and white. So basically I now love my dentist and I'm booked in for regular check ups along with Zoe.

2. If you read my blog, you'll know I am big into meal planning. I designed a really cool (well I think so) meal planner this week for myself, having struggled to find one I liked. After I got a few compliments on it I decided to make it available as a free download, so check out the blog tomorrow if you want to grab a freebie.

3. Zoe is BIG into drawing right now. We got her the IKEA easel for her birthday and she loves it. We don't keep it out all the time, but every morning without fail she asks for her "pens" or "chalks". It is so wonderful to see as I was exactly the same as a kid and love to share this creativity with her. I really want to expand some of the creative things we do together, so if anyone has any ideas or links to share, please do!

4. I made a slammin sweet potato and chickpea curry this week with brown rice and roasted kale. It was so delicious and I felt so healthy even when I went back for seconds. I also started Reading Lauren Graham's new book Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between which I am already half way through and loving. If you're a Lorelai fan, you'll love it too.

5. LOOK AT THESE BOOTS! These were one of those purchases where I wish they did them in my size too, so me and Zoe could twin. I picked them up in the M&S sale for £9.99 and cannot wait to see her in them. I was thinking about doing a little toddler style post soon so watch this space for more boots spam.

6. During the same shopping trip where I bought the aforementioned boots, I tried on this dress. I was a complete idiot and didn't buy it! WHY??!!??! I plan to dash back in store next week and pray there is one left. Wish me luck.

How did your week go?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

8 Toddler Approved Lunch Ideas (that aren't sandwiches)


In our house we are breakfast people, we love cereal and eggs and pancakes and sausages, bacon ... The list is endless. We never struggle to come up with ideas for breakfast. However, when it comes to lunch we often find ourselves stuck in a bit of a sandwich rut. Throw in a toddler who changes her mind/tastes on an almost daily basis and we end up eating the same thing over and over.

So I set myself a challenge to shake things up at lunch time and try some new ideas. Hopefully they might inspire you to try something new too...

1. Wrap Pizzas
This is a great one to get kids involved in the making, I pre-chop a few different toppings and let zoe place them on the wrap. We often use cream cheese or pesto as the base and then top with grated cheddar. They only take 5-10 minutes to cook and I often find Zoe gets a real kick out of seeing something she helped make cooked, and then eating it.

2. Quesadillas
Similar to the wrap pizza, Zoe likes to help choose the filling and arrange them on the wrap. Recently we have enjoyed hummus and falafel quesadillas, but you can really put anything in them. We use the George Foreman grill to cook them, which is superquick.

3. Dippy Lunch
This is one of our favourites right now, Zoe loves to deconstruct things before eating so having something which is all separate suits her. Our favourite is hummus or homemade guacamole (which is basically just smooshed up avocado) with pitta bread (cut into strips), cucumber and carrot sticks, and either chicken strips or cocktail sausages.

4. Soup and bread
We have only recently started to get on board with soup. It is still a little hit and miss but she loves dipping the bread. Her favourites tend to be sweeter soups like butternut squash, sweet potato or carrot.

5. Cold pasta salad
A great quick pasta dish we love is pesto with peas, if we have any ham or leftover chicken I tend to throw that in too. We also love tomato and tuna or a little bit of butter with sweetcorn and chicken. Basically anything goes and as Zoe is a total carb fiend like her mother, it gets gobbled.

6. Toasties
Toasties are technically a sandwich, but with the melty cheese and many many filling options which might not be trusted in a cold un-toasted sandwich, toasties are a firm favourite here. Tuna and cheese, or ham and cheese are the usual, but I can also usually sneak in some spinach or slices tomato without complaint.

7. Avocado on toast
Ok ok, so this could be seen as a breakfast food, but when you have a breakfast loving toddler, you need to think on your feet. Zoe is a avocado fan, and this is a great easy lunch. I tend to have egg with mine, although Zoe is not a fan of boiled egg. Its super adaptable and packed full of healthy fats.

8. Eggy fried rice
A firm favourite here, we often have it for dinner but its great hot or cold for lunch. I tend to throw in anything we have that needs using - sausages, salmon, roast chicken, veggies... a dash of low salt soy sauce and an egg... delicious.

Are there any ideas I have missed? What do your fussy toddler love to eat for lunch?

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