Thursday, 14 June 2018

Life Lately - June 2018

Well, long time no see once again. Life seems to keep finding a way to get in the way of blogging. I have umm-ed and ah-ed over wether to continue calling myself a blogger these days, but the fact is, I love it and its been such a huge part of the last 12 years.

So here is a little update to whats been going on with me...

1. We've been making some home improvements recently, we replaced our ancient old inherited sofa (which was far too big for the room) with a brand new mustard yellow two seater from DFS. Its made the room feel so much bigger, and made room for this cute little desk area. While we rent, we finally realised that house buying is a long way off for us so we might as well make this place feel more like home. I've become obsessed with interior inspo on instagram and I am toying with the idea of painting some walls. If you know any cute blogs or IG accounts focusing on making rental home cute... hit me up.

2. How nice has the weather been lately? I am living in these new Birkenstock sandals, after I literally wore a hole in my last pair, they lasted 5 years which is not bad. I also picked up these wannabe birkenstocks for Zoe from TKMaxx. I am toying with the idea of sharing some more fashion related content on here, thoughts?

3. We've had some health related news recently and as a family we have decided to implement some lifestyle changes. I am all about the body positivity and acceptance, but for me this change is not about the outside, its all about the inside and looking after ourselves. We bought ourselves Fitbit Charge HR fitness trackers and I practically dislocated my shoulder trying on sports bras, we're making small changes and focusing on health. Wish us luck. Is this something you'd like to see more of on the blog?

4. Little Zoe update for you; Zoe is at such an awesome age, she is 3.5 now and her little personality is really coming into its own. She has a weird sense of humour and loves to compliment people. Her favourite activities are swimming and going to the cinema. Her taste in music is growing outside of Disney soundtracks, she is particularly partial to Little Mix, Beyonce and Robyn. I am really enjoying this age, and while she can be grumpy or tired at times, she is alot eaiser to talk down or distract/bribe.

5. We went to Center Parcs! I am thinking of doing a longer post about our long weekend, but honestly it was so lovely, already planning another trip! This weekend I am travelling again, a little trip to Telford and Suffolk for a long weekend, watch out on Instagram to follow our adventure.

6. I am sure I have mentioned the group Punky Moms here before, its a facebook group and website, and we have launched a Newcastle Chapter for local meet ups. Its been amazing and its lovely to get a chance to meet lots of lovely local parents and kids. So, if you are looking to meet up with parents in your area, check out all the chapters (they are global) its the most wonderful group of people. Last week we met up for a chilled coffee and ended up spending 5 hours chatting!

So anyway, enough about me, how have you been??


Monday, 16 April 2018

Leftover Easter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pre-kid I would have scoffed at the sheer idea of leftover chocolate, I mean who isn't eating all their Easter Eggs? But now Zoe is a bit older she got ALOT of chocolate, more than she could ever get through and to be honest there is only so much chocolate I can eat, also I do feel a but guilty eating her eggs. So, I thought I would repurpose them, and bake something delicious.

If cookies aren't your thing, checkout this easter tray bake, or these mini chocolate & banana doughnuts.

I have spoken about the game changing magic of browned butter, but I honestly don't think I'll ever make cookies without browning the butter first, it just adds so much flavour and depth. If you have never tried it, what are you waiting for?

To brown butter you just pop your measured amount (whatever the recipe you are using calls for) into a pan, a light coloured pan is easier to spot when its ready. Pop it on a low/medium heat and stir intermittently until it becomes a golden brown colour. For a full breakdown check our this post from Joy the Baker; Baking 101, how to brown butter.


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

MUM STYLE - All about Monki.

Dipping my toe into the world of fashion blog for a second today to talk about my new obsession. Monki.

This is in no way a sponsored post, I just love this brand

I came across Monki on Instagram when I started seeing plus size bloggers and some of my style inspiration accounts wearing some really cool pieces, its not often you find a plus size brand doing such unique things. However I soon discovered they weren't a new cool plus size brand, but a brand who do a lot of 'oversize' pieces. While I do sort of hate that the only way I fit into a lot of these clothes is that they are mean't be be worn oversize, I do love the vibe of the brand and cannot get enough of the bold patterns and colours. Really really hoping they respond to the number of plus babes calling for a plus size collection or extending their sizes to include plus size across the store!

Monki is part of the H&M group, but unlike H&M the sizes are actually really realistic and generous, not just the overize items. A lot of the L and XL items are a size 18-22 which is really refreshing in the world of high street brands.


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Life Lately - Changes, Balance and the Juggle.

How on earth is it nearly March?! What even is time anymore?

I feel endlessly sad about my poor neglected corner of the internet, I desperately want to share and write and take part in this wonderful community again, but I am struggling so hard with the number of hours in the day, or lack thereof. I thought I would do a little brain dump/ goal update/ check-in to tell you I am still alive.


Monday, 8 January 2018

Meal Plan Like a Boss - 8th Jan

Back to normality this week after a long old 3 weeks off work. Paul and Zoe went back last week so I had a couple of blissful days to myself. I am feeling a little sluggish and out of routine food wise, so actually looking forward to planning and getting back to 3 regular meals a day! Anyone else just graze on cheese and crackers between christmas and new year? I have forgotten what hungry feels like!

Anyway, on to the plan...

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